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Frequently asked questions:

Prices vary depending on the species and number of visits required, for example a wasp’s nest only usually requires one treatment, whereas a rats generally require around three visits to eliminate an infestation.

We will be able to give you a fairly accurate idea of the full treatment costs during our initial telephone conversation, and can provide a written quotation before treatment starts.

We do our best to provide a same day service for most pests throughout Maidstone, so please call us as early as possible.

Treatments for bed-bugs are normally performed in the morning to allow the room to be used that night, so are normally scheduled for 2-3 days time to enable the room to be properly prepared and any inconvenience and disruption minimised.

This depends on the species, wasps nests can be quickly killed with one treatment. Rats and mice normally require three visits over 2-3 weeks to completely eliminate an average domestic infestation. We will talk you through the treatments process during our first visit when we undertake our survey and assess the most appropriate treatment method.

Even though most people will suffer from pests in their property, there is sometimes still a stigma about having pests, with people worried what neighbours might think. We therefore use discreet, plain vehicles and will perform our duties as discreetly as possible.

Potentially yes. This is why it is of paramount importance they are used only by experienced, qualified professionals, who have undergone extensive training to use the products safely. We will always look at non poisonous pest control methods first, such as humane kill-traps, and only use poisons as a last result, choosing the least toxic type required, in the safest and most effective formulation. We use tamper – resistant bait boxes to contain rodenticide, and also place traps in boxes where there is a risk children, cats or dogs could touch them. Many insecticides are harmful to aquatic life, we take these aspects into consideration during our thorough environmental assessments and risk assessments, undertaken before starting any treatments.

We have received extensive training and are fully qualified for the safest possible use of all our pest control treatments. In situations where using a poison is the only effective control method, we will provide you with  the relevant safety data sheets and safety instructions, to keep people and pets as safe as possible.

We hold the following pest control qualifications:

RSPH Level 2 award in pest management (Passed with distinction).

City & Guilds NPTC Safe use of Pesticides, pa1 & pa6.

Lantra award in traditional mole trapping.

We also receive regular training to keep us up to date with current legislation and best practice.

Yes, we have a £5 Million Public Liability insurance cover policy.

We are experienced, trained and qualified in the biology of pest species and the safe use of pesticides. We can purchase and use licensed, professional grade treatments, which combined with the knowledge of how and when to use them, enables us to quickly and effectively control the infestation with minimal risks to people and pets. Pests themselves often pose a risk to humans from disease transmission to dangerous stings. We carry and use the appropriate personal protective equipment, so please don’t take the risks – call in a professional!

Please call us as soon as you suspect you may have rodents living in your property. They can quickly multiply and cause extensive damage to your property, also spreading bacteria and diseases through your property, so why wait? It is also a lot quicker and cheaper to control a small invasion of rats or mice than have to tackle a large infestation that has been ignored.

More detailed signs to look for can be found on the specific species pages, but droppings, gnawing, smell and hearing them are common indicators of rodent activity. Wasps and hornets are usually seen in large numbers in one area, normally along the roof line or flying into a shed or garage.

Moles will leave mounds of earth around your garden, especially lawn areas, turf may be lifted on shallow runs, and these runs may collapse when walked on.

Flies in large numbers are an obvious public health threat and will be easy to see.

Moths and their larvae will often be found on and around textiles, carpets, furs and clothing, and you may spot the holes and chewing damage to the textiles before you spot the pests.

Fleas and bedbugs are often first discovered by the appearance of bites on your body, and can be found under closer inspection.

Cockroaches will often be seen scuttling for cover when lights are turned on. They will often be behind plinths and fridges, so it’s worth checking these areas periodically.

Wasp nests normally die off in the Autumn when the queen leaves. The workers will gradually starve to death and die, whilst the queen will hibernate, often in a loft or shed. In milder Autumns, wasps will still be active and we have even found active wasps nests in November, so it’s best to get them professionally destroyed as soon as you suspect you have one.

Yes, rats and mice have been known to cause major fires in houses, commercial property, and plant such as tractors. This is due to them needing to constantly gnaw to keep their teeth in order and chewing through live electrical cables. They also damage timber structures in buildings and chew through water pipes causing flooding. For this reason please call us as soon as you have the slightest suspicion of a rodent infestation in your property.

No. Bees are important pollinators and rarely sting unless they are under threat. A swarm in your property can be alarming but they rarely stay. Occasionally they may nest in a chimney stack, it is important these are removed if the chimney is used as they may prevent harmful smoke and gasses to escape, and the honey in the nest can catch fire. Please call a bee keeper if you have a bee problem, they will often remove the bees free of charge and can advise on how to best proceed.

A single mole can dig around 25m of new tunnels in a day, so it very often turns out you will only have one mole, even if your lawn looks wrecked! Whilst it is difficult to say for sure how many moles you have, we are expert mole catchers and can quickly catch the culprits. Our extensive knowledge enables us to set traps in the best runs, and we have different traps for various situations.

We advise you to call a professional pest controller if you have a wasp or hornets nest. These insects can quickly attack in huge numbers, and have powerful stings. Unfortunately some people have a fatal allergic reaction to these stings, which can develop at any stage in life. We wear full protective suits, have long-reach application equipment and use professional grade treatments to quickly and effectively destroy the nest. We are also trained and qualified to use these treatments safely, and we treat wasp and hornet nests at great prices, so please don’t risk treating the nests yourselves.

Using our knowledge of rodent biology and habits, we will always try to kill rats and mice using traps in domestic situations. One of the main reasons for this is the horrendous smell a daed rat can cause if it dies in an inaccessible place in your home, such as in a ceiling or wall cavity. Our professional traps allow us to remove all the bodies from your house, and also show that the rodents have been killed.

For large, established infestations, we will use professional rodenticides as a last resort.

We can also advise on and if needed implement proofing and environmental changes to help prevent further infestations.

No, this is illegal as these products are only available to qualified, licensed pest control professionals.

Yes, we can assess areas in need of improvement, fit screens, block access points and improve the surrounding environment to make it less attractive to pests. We will also suggest ongoing improvement you can make to reduce the chance of re-infestation as part of our integrated approach to pest management.

We specialise in mole, rodent and insect pest control so don’t take on any bird control work as this is a specialist area in itself. This enables us to be the best at what we do, without spreading ourselves too thinly by trying to cover all aspects of pest control.

Please call us if you have any questions not listed above or need more detailed explanations. We are happy to discuss any queries you have, so please do get in touch if you are worried you may have pests in your property. We understand how distressing it can be to find you have pests and will do our best to re-assure you and subdue your anxiety.

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