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How much does hornet nest removal cost in Maidstone?

Being a local, family run business allows us to offer very competitive hornet control prices.
Price will vary depending travel time and ease of access, but will include our set up time, meaning any further wasp or hornet nests treated on your property at the same time are heavily discounted.
Please call today for our best hornet nest treatment price.

Be aware of anyone advertising really cheap hornet control in Maidstone, they are often unqualified and uninsured, which could put you and your family in danger.

Our experienced technicians are qualified to a minimum of BPCA/RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management. We constantly follow industry updates and best practice guidelines, along with COSHH and HSE regulations.

We put the safety of people, pets and the environment first, meaning you can trust us to effectively eradicate your hornet nest as safely as possible.

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Why use a professional hornet nest treatment service?

Hornet nest treatments in Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester areas:

Invicta Pest Control provide fast, effective and discreet hornet control in Maidstone and surrounding areas, treating and killing nests in homes, offices, commercial premises, sheds, garages and gardens.

With an extensive range of equipment and powerful treatments, along with experience and continual training enable us to treat virtually any problem wasp nest. Qualified to NPTC pa1 & pa6, and with a distinction RSPH/BPCA level 2 award in pest management, we can deal with hornets safely.

Hornets can attack aggressively and in large numbers, stinging repeatedly. This can not only be excruciatingly painful, but in some cases fatal. People can develop an allergy to hornet stings at any stage in life, so please, please don’t attempt to destroy a hornet nest yourself. Call the professionals as soon as you spot signs of a hornet infestation, we use fast acting treatments which are only available to licensed, qualified users, and wear full protective suits. We will select the best treatment to use after our initial assessments, taking into account non-target species such as bats and bees, and other factors depending on the location of the nest.

The hornet looks like a giant wasp, but is reddish brown and yellow rather than black. It also has a far more painful sting! If the nest is easily accessible we will generally use a fast acting spray to soak the nest, which kills the nest in a couple of minutes and has little residual value so is the best method in sheds and other spaces regular used by people. For nests in spaces inaccessible to people and non-target species we use a powerful residual fine insecticidal dust applied into the entrance of the nest. Returning hornets then take this treatment throughout the nest, destroying the colony. This method has the advantage of not greatly aggravating the hornets, and by leaving the nest in place any returning hornets aren’t getting aggressive trying to find their nest.

How do I find a hornet nest?

Signs of a hornet infestation include large numbers buzzing around part of your roof, or flying into a particular tree, or plant such as Ivy. Please call us as soon as you think you have a hornet problem, we try our best to treat the nest the same day as we appreciate the potential danger and nuisance they present.

Please remember not to go too close to the nest, hornets are very defensive and will actively and aggressively sting anything they perceive a threat to their colony. Please also keep all pets away, and ideally keep children and other people away from the areas the hornets are flying in until the nest is dead.