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How much does professional fly control treatment cost in Maidstone?

Being a local, family run business allows us to offer very competitive fly control prices.
From ULV treatment for flies, fly trap installation, cluster fly treatments in lofts, or fly screen installation for restaurants and kitchens, we can help at great prices.

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Our experienced technicians are qualified to a minimum of BPCA/RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management. We constantly follow industry updates and best practice guidelines, along with COSHH and HSE regulations.

We put the safety of people, pets and the environment first, meaning you can trust us to effectively eradicate your hornet nest as safely as possible.

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Why use a professional fly control treatment service?

Fly treatments in Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester areas:

Different types of flies and different types of properties mean a bespoke, informed fly eradication programme is the most effective method of control.

There are several species of pest flies in the UK, some a major hygiene issue, others biting humans and livestock, but most are capable of spreading disease.

Fly control is especially important in restaurants, pubs, bars and food preparation areas, and also any area where food or waste is stored.

Methods employed to control flies include electronic fly killers, residual insecticides, and improving hygiene and storage methods for foods and waste. We can also install physical controls including fly screening on windows and doors.

Electronic fly killers use a specific spectrum UV light to attract flying insects, these are then either electrocuted or caught on a glue board, depending on the site. We can supply and maintain several styles of fly killers, including discreet fly killers disguised as wall lights, ideal for front of house applications in restaurants and bars.

Cluster flies (Pollenia rudis) often invade homes and other buildings in the Autumn, forming in huge swarms containing thousands of flies. These large flies can be up to 10mm long and have up to a 20mm wingspan. They overwinter in loft spaces and don’t feed, so need specialist space and surface treatments.

We use professional fly treatments, along with a variety of application methods depending on the situation and risks present.
From ULV fogging, cluster fly traps, blow fly traps, fly screens, residual insecticidal sprays and electronic fly killers, we have a range of solutions to control your fly problems.

Please call us today if you have a fly infestation or would like to know more about our flying insect control and prevention services.