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About ant pest control:

We provide fast and effective ant treatments to domestic and commercial clients throughout Maidstone.

Black garden ants (Lasius niger) and red ants (Myrmcia rubra) can cause unsightly nests in lawns, creating bumps and damaging mower blades. These ants also invade our homes and buildings in search of food. This can transfer harmful bacteria and diseases onto food and food preparation areas, causing illness.

Red ants also sting readily and feel similar to stinging nettles.

Argentine ants (Linepithema humble) are less common, but can quickly establish a large colony indoors. Feeding on meat, swell as surgary foodstuffs it can quickly spread bacteria. These ants have several mobile queens in the colony, meaning it can quickly spread to different parts of a building. The worker ants are small, around 2.2-3mm, dark brown to black and with very few body hairs.

We regard Pharaoh’s ants (Monomorium pharaonis) as one of the most difficult ant species to control, due to each colony having several queens that will form separate “satellite” colonies if they feel threatened. Specific treatments have been developed to deal with this.

We are fully equipped to deal with ant infestations in homes, gardens, business premises and food preparation areas. You can rest assured that we put safety first and will undertake a full risk assessment prior to undertaking any ant treatments, evaluating both the safest and most effective control methods. Using advanced products only available to licensed professionals, your ant problem will be efficiently dealt with.

Why use a professional ant control treatment service?

Ant treatments in Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester areas:

Ants are very interesting and clever social insects, forming advanced colonies and constantly on the search for new food sources. This is the cause of the majority of the ant problems we get called for; where black garden ants enter homes and food businesses as they hunt. Once an ant finds food, they will lay down a pheromone trail to alert the other workers to it’s location, causing huge numbers to follow the trail into your premises.

Whilst traditional insecticide spray will treat the ants it touches, the colony will generally remain unscathed. Some sensitive species such as Pharaoh ants will actually split into more “satellite” colonies if they feel threatened or detect insecticide, infesting more and more parts of your building and growing hugely in numbers.

We therefore usually treat ants with a highly effective, professional gel bait. The ants carry this back to the nest, where it is fed to the others and the queen, rapidly killing the entire colony without them becoming suspicious.

We provide ant treatments in Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Rochester, Gillingham and Chatham areas, so please call us if you have an ant problem indoors or ant nests in your garden for a fast, professional ant killer service.